Q & A with KR

BYN: how is Krink ?

Krink is great! Thanks for asking.

BYN: when and how and where did krink started ?

Krink started in San Francisco California. 1993.
Started by experimenting to find the best way to get nice ink tags on the streets.

BYN: what got u into graffiti ?

Being a bad kid that doesn’t care. Punk rock, hip hop, bad kid friends, skating, NYC.

BYN: can u tell us some graffiti stories ?

I’m not good at telling stories via email. I prefer campfires.

BYN: got anther crazy story ....

I once did a fill in on a truck while a prostitute was giving a crack head a blowjob right next to me.
I was filling in and outlining. I could hear her sucking his dick!
I caught a flick too. If you look close you can see the chicks arm. That fool is cracked out, getting his dick sucked!

BYN : how do you feel about your bootlegged products ?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

byn: would you like to let them know somthing ?

Stop biting! Jesus Christ! Get your own styles.

I recently saw some stuff online of this guy in Europe biting some of my stuff really hard. The thing that’s crazy is, he’s done a lot of really unique and interesting work.
There is no reason he needs to jack my shit. It’s so frustrating.

Credibility’s stock price has plummeted over the years.

BYN:what makes graffiti a goood one ?

Difficult to say. When you know, you know. It’s weird.

BYN: what makes other a toy ?

Again, sometimes it’s totally obvious, other times, regular people think someone is good or bad and the opposite is true.
Hard to describe.

BYN: alife is ......

Friends and family. A creative force that you can’t fuck with.

BYN:my girl is .......

Your girl? I never met your girl.
My girl is the shit! She got mad game on so many levels. She’s big time making paper.

BYN: iraq crew is ...

Doing it real big and lots of fools jock.

BYN: scrap yard mark is ....

His personal jihad is his daily grind, he told me so.
He knows all kinds of gossip about writers, it’s too funny. I don’t know what he’s talking about.
I like to ask him questions about Islamic radicals and then accuse him of visiting Pakistani training camps.
Before he hangs up the phone he says, “Peace”, like he’s some hip hop dude.

BYN : graffiti now a days is ......

I’m so out of touch. I like graffiti when I experience it in real life. Most of the writers I know are creative people who happen to write graffiti. They are not really involved in the “culture” or scene.
Graffiti in NYC is dying, but at the same time is spreading all over the world and getting bigger and bigger.

BYN: krink is .....

Bigger and Deffer. Follow the leader!

BYN : bush is ....

Don’t get me started...
He has been absolutely disastrous for America.
We have to start thinking about the future. He is a bad guy, with a bad plan, who did a bad job. This is old news. America needs to focus very hard on the future.
We are better than that and we have to prove it to the world.

BYN: sadam is . ..

Dead/Martyred by Bush.
They tried to punk him at his execution and he wasn’t having it. He said he united the country! You can’t front on that. I’m sure the Islamic world kind of misses old Sadham now.
He held it down, Middle east strong arm style with a big mustache.
Not saying it’s right, He was a bad dude, but there are lots of bad dudes. The US is not very smart thinking we can invade a country and the people will just give in to us and our way of life. It’s really arrogant.
He was never a threat to the US. Old news.

BYN:bin ladein is ...

A true threat to the American people. We gotta get focused people! This guy is for real. He spelled out his plan years ago and he’s following it to a T.
One of the biggest oversights/failures of this administration, after the Iraq war, but before Katrina.
They let him go because Bush is down with the Saudi families.
If the senate had any balls whatsoever they would impeach and keep it moving.

BYN: other graffiti writers .....

Write your graffiti, see if I care.

BYN: broke ya neck is ...

Very amusing.

BYN: would u vote hairley Clinton?

Yes, who else? Gouliani? Imagine that.

Hillary is tight ass wasp, To be honest, I’m not sure if she’s right for the job. I think she is a politician type who’s always shucking and jiving and has power and financial interests at heart.
America is in a really tight spot, we need someone who is down to make shit happen. Democrats are such pussies, it’s crazy.
The Republicans may be evil, but at least they are focused and push their agenda.
The Democrats are bumbling idiots. They should be ashamed.
This country needs a third party or more political parties/choices.
True democracy! Power to the people!
No one cares.

BYN: what u think of potical art for example ron english and banksy ?

It’s cool. I’m not mad. I really like Banksy, I bought his book, I wasn’t even up on his shit until I came across it in a book store.
I like his sense of humor.

BYN: how come your paintings are so clean ?

They’re not all clean. You know that. My new shit is really loose.

BYN : i noticed in your book , photography and art you seem your in love with lines , can u tell us why ?

I can’t. That’s my problem.

BYN: whats the secreat behind the clean clean clean clean rollers ?

Practice and patience.
Let the first coat dry as long as you can. Also develop styles where stuff doesn’t really have to overlap. Every color is it’s own shape.
Only use heavy nap rollers and exterior quality paint.
Don’t do your first roller piece in the most booming spot you can find. Practice in a discreet location first.

It’s hard to tell in this flick, the wall is like 20 feet tall.

BYN can u tell us anther secret ?

Osama is in Wazyristan.

BYN: how come krink is the best ink out there ?

We make everything we do from the heart, and with love.
Krink got it’s name and style from the streets, not from online message boards, hype, and hip hop graffiti stores.
We didn’t make our products by following trends.

BYN: what makes you satisfied?

I am not satisfied.
But a beach house, happy, healthy, friends and family, and good food is all I really want.

BYN: do you have other interests other than graffiti?

Graffiti and hip hop are my life. Just kidding.
I really like to cook, eat, and drink.
I like swimming in the ocean. I will swim all day way out in the waves. My girl hates it, and thinks I will drown. She tries to yell at me from the beach to come back. I just smile and wave back at her.
I like art, music, and books. I’m a nerd.

BYN: whats is usual day for kr ?

Get up, ice coffee, go to office, try to hold it down so that I can keep the cable TV on. I work to pay my landlords. It’s really crazy. Pack boxes, move units. Hope to make something creative.
Go home eat, drink fine wine, chill with my girl, sleep.
I’m really domestic.

BYN: what kind of sneakers are you wearing now? Do you think they make you run fast?

Alife/Rite foot slip-ons. It’s funny that you mention it, because I actually do run faster and jump higher in these shoes. I can only dunk a basketball wearing these shoes.

BYN: how did u meet espo ?

We met through my old friend. DJ Shok La Rock aka Howie Dewitt.

BYN:how did u meet twister ?

We met in San Francisco, I’m not even sure anymore. Long time ago.

BYN: if you have to change your name what it would be?

Graffiti name? BOBO 6000

BYN: who was ur fav person to go out with ?

Writing? In SF, Twist and Reminisce. We did a lot of stuff.
I used to catch tags in the street with Guess and Wise. We always had a good time and were never too serious. Good times.

BYN: What’s your favorite movie?

Apocalypse now.

BYN: whats your favorite toool ?

Krink markers

BYN: whats your favorite color ?


BYN: who’s your favorite god?

Jesus Christ, he chilled with hookers, made sure there was nuff wine at the party, got wild on the dudes pushing up on his game at the temple, and said, Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. Can’t front on that!
Obviously, I was raised a good Catholic boy.
Allah and Yahweh are not as nice.
Will there now be riots in Pakistan? Will I be sued?

BYN: who’s your favorite artist?

I like a a lot of people. Richard Serra, Chris Burden, Rachel Whiteread, Ed Ruscha, Bill Burke, Christopher Wool.

BYN: whats your favorite spots ?

Krink on Mailboxes and doorways.
When I was younger, Rooftops, I always enjoyed the view.

BYN: whats your favorite font?


BYN: whats your favorite beer ?

I’m not the biggest beer drinker, I like light beers like Stella and Corona.

BYN: whats your favorite girl ?

My girl!

BYN: whats your favorite drug ?

Wine is the drug of choice these days. No weed, no coke, no pills, no heroin.
Just some fine wines. Reds or Whites, and of course, a nice Rose in the summer. Delicious! I think I’ll go get me some right now.

BYN: whats your favorite place to be ?

It’s really about the beach and the ocean. I really like nature, out west is amazingly beautiful.

BYN ? what you favorite type of graffiti ?

The good kind.
I like good tags. I like pieces in illegal spots. Sento had a lot of illegal pieces in good spots here in Nyc awhile back. So dope! He was all city with pieces.
I also like old simple Seen pieces on trains. Fire!

BYN: quality or quantity ?

Both. It depends on the person.

BYN: buch or sadam ?

That’s a tough one. Since Bush exists in the “free” world, I have to pick him. He wants to be like Sadham, but he can’t because the Constitution is not completely eroded.
Sadham would cut my balls off first chance he got and then gas them. AHHHhhhhh!

BYN : fire extinguisher or roller ?

Right now, fire extinguishers. It’s a lot looser. Good times.

BYN: who is your hero?

My mother. She came here from a third world country and made an exceptional life here in the US. Plus she had to raise two difficult boys by herself.

BYN: what you think of bootlegged bloodsucking vampire bitter again ?

A pox on their eyes! How dare they!

BYN: where do you see your self in 5 years?

I will be famous and in US weekly on a regular basis dodging the paparazzi.

BYN: What did you want to be when you grew up?

I was not the most ambitious kid.

BYN: what you think of bootlegged bloodsucking vampire bitter again ?

May their first born be trampled by goats!




oner said...

nice .thats the best q and a i read for kr so far

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i bought the board kr had in cey's skateboard show:


i am so excited to hang it this weekend.