Q & A with Team Facelift

These are Machine's answers sent Via Dial-up from his Cottage/Dungeon in Hunts Points, Bronx NY

BYN : how is TEAM face lift ?

Team Facelift is in the streets like stinky, summer trash.We are gearing up for an October West Coast tour. My line of beauty products will be hitting stores in late November. Look out for Ma-Sheen Beauty coming soon!

BYN: why did u guyz name it team face lift ?

:Team Facelift the name started as a Grafitti gang on Rikers Island. We are now all off parole and giving a Facelift to the rap game

BYN : hows the dipping chicken ?

Dipping Chicken explains feeling fly. You just slapped your mom? Dipping Chicken in it! You came thru to the club on a waif asians back? dipping chicken in it!

BYN : is new york still dead ?

I wont answer this.

BYN :whats with i wana have your baby song , you guyz dont seem about to settle down anytime soon , are you guyz with girls ? are they mad fuckin hot ? how hot are they ??

People are confused about the meaning behind I wanna have your baby. I want to give an abortion to my pregnant slave and fat jew wants to be impregnated by a woman. He wants to expirience the joy of giving birth! We all have pathetic women who follow us around and slap promoters for us. On a scale from one to ten they are between 2 and death.

BYN: whats team face left fav sex position ?
Listen, I cant even get an erection. ask my women. i dont want to talk about it.

BYN: how loose did the turban get loose with team face left?
7: I will not answer this question.

BYN: what team face lift favorite type of girl ?
any groupie willing to listen to me complain after sex.

BYN: do you guyz fight about girls ?
We never fight over women. We usually all sleep with the same girls and they lose interest so fuck em!

BYN: do face lift still master bate ?

I masturbate to trannysurprise.com. Ezmerelda got it going on

BYN: where did fat jew get those amazeing kiss boxers ?

BYN: what do S N B stands for ? (mashine)
SNS is an acromyn for SAME NEVER SLEEPS. dont play me.

BYN: long island girl or new jersey girl ?

I prefer Long Island jews to Jersey italians. Jersey women tend to prefer thick neck stromboli heads to pure milk like myself.

BYN: do fat jew ever gets cold ?

BYN : who would win a goood chocolate dip wrestleing match fat jew or perez hilton ?
Perez Hilton might win . He is a sneaky queen.

BYN: do you need a ride to the emmys ?
I have a ride.

BYN: do you guyz like street wear ? do you support it ? what do u like ? What clothing line do you hate?
Street wear is for confused teenage blacks BUT, i will wear anything thats sent to me. Give me free clothes. Ill support any ding dong hustling.

BYN: who is hotter claw or fat jew ?
Claw is like my mom if she loved me. I love her.

BYN : who have the hottest feet in team face lift ?

I have the flyest feet by far. They call me golden toes no joke.

BYN : who have the biggest feet in team face lift ?
fat jew with his size 15 pota-TOE.

BYN : How many toes does Marilyn Monroe have?

Hopefully Marilyn had enough toes to stuff in my mouth and suffocate me.

BYN : what do u think off people who listen to your music ?
I love my fans...all the jew women,asians,fags who wanna bang me, and thugs from uptown who think we are amazing.

BYN: If you could buy any country, which would it be?

I would buy a third world country in Africa and rule like Idi Amin na mean?!

BYN: What do you think about Britney Spears? would u score with her if u got chance ?

I would love to buy Britney pizza and talk pop. Then slap the skeet out of her mouth.

BYN:whos party did u go to after vma ?
We attended the MTV afterparty at the Palms. I was sipping wine with the real world cast Australia. I got drunk and edgy. they stopped feeling me.

BYN:who did u guyz score with that nite?
I will only answer questions i deem fit from now on.

BYN:Whats your favorite beer?
Whatevers free

BYN:Whats your favorite part in city ?
El Malecon on 97th and amsterdam.Loosey spot on double nine and broadway all day.

new york girls are Cheap

new york hipsters are

Ny clothing: Fuck em

thx to rose and team face lift


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Broke Ya 40 Shorty said...

I prefer Long Island jews to Jersey italians. Jersey women tend to prefer thick neck stromboli heads to pure milk like myself.