interview with AV ONE

who is av one ?

12 am @ some bar in bk
BYN: why do u write bro ??
Girl: are you recording ?
BYN: yea ..
av: thats like ....
Girl : really large question
av : yeah ... im like fucked up son .. i am like in anther plant
Leeto: so am i bro !!
BYn : yeah .. so why do you write ..
yo you wana be on this dude
leeto: nah not really
av: yo man , why you getta be always dirty like that ?(laughin)
byn: when did u started writeing
leeto : go ahead ..go ahead man
av: cant even answer write now, there is so many answers to that, i mean i start writing in 87, i started like alil boy
BYn : on and off ??
av:aaa man... i duno ... im slithered right now
byn : haaahaa wana do this tomorrow?
av: yeah man that would be great

then we kept drinking and leeto kept fucking around with red headed girl that gained weight

to be continued....

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