What the fuck is up with all these forums online with this "WDYWT" shit. It's all a bunch of fuckin dudes complimenting each other and shit. I think the internet is the dopest shit but not when it's used like this. Some of these kids have some serious fuckin issues, asking what should I wear this shirt with, does this compliment this, I hope I break mad neck at the fuckin mall today. This is some homo ass shit. It's all these "streetwear" forums too. Maybe this is the dope shit now and I missed the memo? Everyone says wear what you like blahblahblah, but then there is shit like this that totally fucks everything up. A few random comments left on pictures:

"damn bro...you 32 and you look like you 45. Well I guess 32 is an aight age to rock streetwear...I mean, Hov is like 36 and he does it. But you look like a old man real talk. SMH @ how white people age so fast."

"sb, your upper legs on those jeans are huge"

"You really need to size down on your shirts dude...and those dickies or whatever don't look good at all....sorry dude...no offense."

It's not even like what these kids are wearing is real fashion, all this shit is t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. It's always gonna look the same idiots, don't look for validation for your outfits on the internet. Oh, and by the way how do I look?!!?!?

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