BYN : whats horse the band? how did you guyz cam up with the name ?
it's not the same as the animal, but we are sisters in spirit.

BYN: 3 magical things make horse the band sooo fucking good?
time travel, high life, jack daniels

BYN: whats your favorite video game of all the time?
ducktales maybe.

BYN: listening to phantom of the opera soundtrack or playing video games ?

who told you about this? easily phantom of the opera.

BYN: what major cities did u guyz go to so far ?

mexico city, paris, london, LA, nyc, montreal, amsterdam, san juan. you know the usual suspects.

BYN: how and when did horse the band started?

1998 me and david wanted to be cool finally.

BYN: what inspires you?
currently: pat benatar, flashdance, true creativity, nature, other music, history, living in the face of impending


BYN : can you tell us a secret ?
no. fuck anyone who would. secrets rule.

BYN: whats the story behind the neckless ?
we just wanted to make a human bone necklace. the animal penises happened later. we thought it would be really cool. i

hope whoever wins it wears it often.

BYN: tell us crazy horse the band story?
nathan peed in a water bottle on the way to monterrey in mexico. later that night he had some og tequila and went

psycho. he ended up being fed the "water" by a paramedic as he was lying in the van, but it was his pee.

BYN:wana tell us anther one?
we had to lie down on the freeway in toronto with shotungs pointed at us cause the police thought we tried to kill

someone with a pistol at a gas station two minutes earlier. 23 cops came. it was real.

BYN: what’s a normal day for horse the band ?
wake up, eat, drive, load in, wait, play, load out, drive, sleep

BYN: what sort of venues are the best?
venues where the people who work there know what's up and don't get stressed. venues where the sound works and kids

aren't stuck behind a barrier. venues that have a walk in refrigerator that isnt locked.

BYN: how would you describe your fans? any changes in fans? any 60 year olds?
haha theyre weirdos but i love them cause they are the type who like what they like and dont give a fuck. all completely

different styles. definitely some old psychos in there too. it ruels.

BYN: any new collaborations in the works?
yeah we're doing a split with a band that is very dear to us, but it's a secret. :) hopefully i can convince crystal

castles to remix us too. i would love that.

BYN: what do you want people take away from your music?

i want them to escape into the story of the song. hopefully they will think about things that normally aren't offered to

them in music.

BYN: what’s the music writing process like?

we look for field recordings of animals, try to put together a novella rooted in science, write some parts on the game

boy, and then make up all the rest of the riffs.

BYN: will you trust yourself when you turn 30 or will you immediately become part of the establishment?
i don't know. i wanted to become part of it one day but i think this ruined me. i don't think i could ever stand

working a real job. but people should probably stop playing music after about 35. if you keep going it's worse than

being part of the establishment.

BYN: what you think of bands now days?
there are two kinds, one kind wants to write good music, and one wants to get famous, make money, and be remembered for

eternity. i like some of each.

BYN: what is it like beeing on head bangers balls ?

i don't know i've never seen us on it. i was at the symphony with my parents and girlfriend. nothing is like anything.

BYN: what ever happened to lawrence and pencily?
you will find out when i buy a macbook.

BYN: did they ever get with carla ?
it's a secret, for now.

BYN: hows ur truck ?

it's good, it only got tagged once, the day after you guys did it. i wanted to kill the kid, he was from providence and

it dripped everywhere. fuckin amateur. i mean, we didnt know he was doing it.

BYN:what happen back in seattle at the motel room ?

haha we hit the fire sprinkler off the pipe in the ceiling playing pinata and flooded 3 rooms. it cost $5000.

BYN: would u guyz go play in brazil?

BYN: who does the art work for horse the band?

a bunch of different dudes and girls

BYN: what do you guyz do when hot girls are all over you and u know you cant do shit about bec you got a girl back hom?
it doesn't happen. but if it did i would just not care cause my gf is hotter than any ho i have ever seen on tour.

BYN: what kind of sneakers are you wearing now ? do you think they can make you run faster ?
none, i want gold nikes. i think they would.

BYN: nethan is
undergoing a renaissance

BYN: dash is ....

BYN: eric is ....

suffering from a crushing metaphysical crisis

BYN: chris is ....
learning the hard way

BYN: david is ....
suffering from a crushing metaphyscial crisis

BYN: our girls friends are ...

BYN: horse the band is ....


BYN: the new album is ....

the new street

BYN: bears are ...

BYN: A Cricket is ..

byn: Sex Raptor is ...

BYN:our fans are ....

fun kids.

BYN: 80s is ...
the most i-dont-give-a-fuck creative time in history.

BYN: faro is ...

the coolest person i have met.

BYN: what’s your favorite tool?


BYN: What’s your favorite movie?

probably thewizard, land before time, eternal sunshine, and the unbearable lightness of being

BYN: whats your favorite beer?

high life glass bottle

BYN: what’s your favorite thing to eat?

my mom's czech food

BYN: whats your favorite book?

anything michel houellebecq, the fall, tortilla flat, to kill a mickingbird,life at these speeds, lonesome dove, jane

eyre, ibsen plays. i don't know out of all of these i love books most of all.

BYN: who’s your favorite artist?

BYN: whats your fav place to be in the world?

this little bluff that goes into the ocean on the north coast of spain by santander, the river in summer in yosemite,

this place in oregon on mt hood, you can see 4 volcanos from it.

BYN: what are you listening to right now?

the dodgers game

BYN: if you have to change your name what it would be?

i would be a girl named scout

BYN: What did you want to be when you grew up?
a marine biologist dolphin trainer at sea world

BYN: who is your hero?

scout finch, jane eyre, women who seek the truth and persevere in the face of brutal loss, bear grylls but not as much

any more

BYN: What do you think of hipsters?

i think they mean wellbut conform to a smaller mainstream. lots of them have good ideas though, but then ruin them by

being too concerned with whether other hipsters will think it's cool.

BYN: when was your first kiss?

17 in kissimee florida

BYN: where do you see your self in 5 years?

BYN: whats your favorite font?

times new roman

BYN: what’s next for horse the band?
the ultimate insult to humanity

BYN: what you think of fat bitches?

improve your life, you will be happy you did

BYN: any final words ?

go dodgers!