Q & A with real iraqi

so i finally got to talk to her again since she moved back to iraq from fort lee,nj ....

BYN : hey

heiba : heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
heiba : how r u
BYN : who care
BYN : how are u
BYN :hows things over there
HEIBA :lol well i'm goood thx to god. thingss r great . we're still aliveee
BYN : how lol
BYN : do u go out and date americans and drug em out and bring to ur house and kill them
BYN : he i wana do q and a with u
BYN : plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

HEIBA: did they tell u i was a terrorist.wats wrong with u .go aheaddd
BYN: lol no . i was jk
HEIBA: yeah i knoww. of courrsee u r
BYN: so how is it like over there now
HEIBA ::D ,not bad ,we hear bombss, see dead ppl
HEIBA: its cool
BYN: oo yeah what of think of Arabic channels puttin on cartoons and kids programs
saying death to americans and jews?

HEIBA: i dont watch arabic channels

BYN: ooo really
BYN: so what do u watch

HEIBA: i watch English channels
BYN: i c....
HEIBA: some timesssssssssssssssssss i watch arabicc . rotanaaa and stuff
BYN :whats normal day for u
BYN: over there

HEIBA: emmm . i go to college. it takes an hour to get there. cuz of the police check pointss
BYN : how do u get there
HEIBA: andd if there was an explosion some where they close the road soo we have to take a longer way . i have a driver
BYN: nice
HEIBA: yeah . onceee i stoood accros the street from an explosion lol. i almost got killed , but i survived. :P
BYN: wow tell me about it

HEIBA: lol nothingggggg . i was standing with a friend of mine and they put a bomb across the street and the timed it , so that when the police pass it explodes and thats exactly wat happened, but thank god nobody died
HEIBA: and thats itt
HEIBA: lol
BYN : lol

BYN : im so happy i am talkin to u

HEIBA: yeahh me tooo
HEIBA: how r u
BYN: im doing really good .just bull shiting and vandeliseing and rideing my bike.
HEIBA: u know i went to egypt last summer and i saw salmaa
BYN : i hate salma 666 ,she just mad me feel like shit all the time with her stupid saint petters scholer ship . i hope she fuckin have end haveing heart attack partying in egypt . mouahahahahahahaahahahahaaaa
BYN: who care
BYN: this GIRL
BYN : r u comin back

HEIBA: to the US maybe next summer for a month
HEIBA: so wat r u doin with ur life
HEIBA: u go to school
BYN:nop i hate teachers but R u comin back for goood
HEIBA: for a month
BYN : why
heiba: ya3ny vacation , no i have my own lifee here u know
BYN: why dont u move back here

BYN: r u married

HEIBA: looll hells no . u know who got married
HEIBA:u remember lamis

yes wayyyyyyyyy
FARO INC. says:DAMM .. i wanted to hook up with her

BYN: sike

HEIBA: loool
HEIBA: shut upp , ur soo old
BYN: ugh i know im grumpy and i smell to
BYN: but mad hot ... 4 rl

HEIBA: ewwwwwwwww
BYN: so wait ... do u carry guns with u every where
HEIBA: no we dontt, wat u think we'r in texas
BYN: lol . .. NO .. iraq
HEIBA: yeah i thought soo
BYN: so wait hows ur week ends like
HEIBA: nothingg, we dont go out much u know
BYN: k .. like after u go to school and u survive bombs what u do after u com back from schoool
BYN: do u guyz kill americans for fun ..

HEIBA: lol no we dont
BYN: yo comon .. why not i bet its mad fun ..
HEIBA: i just see them around in their tanks

BYN: do they ever bother u

HEIBA: no they dont , some times they hit on us
BYN : nice
HEIBA: lol
BYN: thats wassup
BYN: shit .. i bet i been hitting on u since i met u

heiba : wat school u goin to
BYN :i dont go to school .school is kids that really suck at life and they have nothing else better to do so they go and to schoool to get schooled. i just bull shit and vandlise for living .
HEIBA: oh coool
BYN : its k .
HEIBA: wats ur major
BYN : i told u bullshiting and vandeliseing
HEIBA: lol ok
BYN: i am doing greeat
BYN:4 rl
HEIBA:good for you
HEIBA:i want my pic to be in the zeen
BYN: off corss
HEIBA: yayyyyyyyyyyyy
BYN: i ll get u 4 pages thread up to bottom end to end 50 colors mad clean

BYN : so wats next for u

HEIBA: i'm gonna be a senior in college now . graduating next year . i'm studying english
BYN: nice .. then what
HEIBA: then i'm gonna start working maybe as a translator
BYN:nice ..
HEIBA: not for americans of coursee
BYN: lol
BYN: for iraq
HEIBA: i duno
BYN: damm .. thats mad cool . so r u guna bull shit every body hard as hell ?
HEIBA: lol
BYN: and tell em somthin different
HEIBA: yeah i guess
HEIBA: lol well if i dont understand i have to say somethingg so i just make up stuff
HEIBA: lol
BYN: so were u affected by the change .from fort lee . nj . the nice subrbain hoods .. to IRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ
HEIBA: i'm not sureee .i became boring .lol no jk
BYN: so wat u guyz do for the week ends
HEIBA: go to my grandparent's house go to my friend's house .i duno .go to the mall
BYN: wow .u have malls .r half the malls destroyed and the other half is nice
HEIBA: nooo .they r nice malllss .we actully have very interneting malls .very expensive too .much more expensive than egyptains malls
BYN: so whats the hype in iraq now .like whats the new coool thing . do you guyz rock AA and listen to ccs and think photography is cool and trying to look like grand mothers becouse you think its cute ??
HEIBA:lol . nop. here every one does his own thing .iraqis only care about staying alive

BYN: ooo yeah what do u miss over here

HEIBA: emmm i'm not sure .the food i guess .lol
BYN : lol really??
HEIBA: yeah
HEIBA: we have chinese food here but i havent been there yet
BYN: lol
HEIBA: really


HEIBA : really .well i'm gladee

HEIBA: 4 rl com back

BYN: where do u live in iraq

HEIBA: baghdad .the capitallllllll

BYN: can u give me the address
HEIBA: ah lol i duno the address
BYN : lol r u serious
HEIBA: yeah i amm . just put baghdad shri3 felesteen or palestine street
BYN: why some 1 shooot the number on ur house and a tank went over ur street sign
heiba : nobody ever asked me for my address
BYN: weird ..
BYN: tel me crazy story
heiba: emmm lol
BYN : do it do it
heiba: about wat
BYN.: anything .shit happens around iraq u know
heiba: oh ok ..
well about ppl who steal for money
for example my hair dresser .she has a husband and a son .oncee ppl jumped asking for money.soo her son jumped to their neighbors' house.but they took her husband and left no they didnt see him .sooo her husband had like heart problemzz and as soon as they put him in the car he diedd but they called his wifee and told her if u give us 40,000$ we wont kill ur husband
so she did and when they took their money they were like go get ur husband min el mashra7aa lol



BYN: ur beautiful

HEIBA: your beautiful .i cut my hair now i'll take pics and send to u

BYN: u dont think there is so much change between here and there except the food
heiba: hellssssssss there is no u know i miss goin out whenever i wantt and wherever i want
BYN: wat else u miss
BYN: sry i keep repeating my self . i am just really excited talking to you
HEIBA: me too
BYN: are you afraid from gettin killed
heiba: yeah i amm very muchh so .u know oncee we stopped at a stop sign and a guy got offf his car to say hi to his friend everybody went crazy theey were like where da hell r u goin
BYN: why
HEIBA: they thought he wanted to bomb his car
BYN :damm ..:so waht happened.did they kill him
heiba: noo lol .they just started yellin at him
BYN: damm ..
heiba: yepppppppppppp
BYN: so wait .what side are you on .what country r u on side more .who do u think is behind all this shit goin on over there
heiba: i duno
heiba: i loved saddam so right now i'm in no-ones side
BYN: why
heiba: i duno i wanted saddam to stay forever .arabs let the americans in
byn: oo


heiba: yepppss
BYN: so are u allowed to have boy friends and etc there
heiba: yeah
BYN: whats the furtherest thing u have gone with boy

heiba: loll
BYN: other than talkin to him on phone

comon tell me
i wont tell any one

heiba: well i never slept with a guy
heiba: loool
heiba: no seriouss i didnt
byn: so u guyz make out hard as hell
heiba: and i never took my clothes off infront of a guy
byn: may b hump each othER wink wink .. put ur in hands in each other pants . WINK WINK .comon.
heiba: noo we donttttttttttttttttttttttttt .well i dontt
byn: so wtf do u guyz do
heiba: lol i dunooo we kisss we hug
byn: how cute
heiba: i knowwwwwwwww
byn: so is there presdeint in iraq now
heibA: yeah jalall talabany
lol i think thats him
i'm not sure

byn: wat u think wats next for iraq and iran

iran my ass
i hate iraN

why ooo yeah can u explain the whole thing with soooonee and sheeeaaaah

everything thats happenin to iraq is because of themm
byn: how explain more
heiba: there is no difference between suna and shi3a bUT americans mad the difference
me and my mom is shi3iaa and my dad is suni ,there is no differencee
BYN: really
heiba: yeah of courseee
BYN: how did americans did the difference
heiba: well they seperated them and they brought iranians in and they made the difference they killed the sunis and the suadis came and killed shi3as
BYN:ooo fuckin Americans
why did they seperate them

heiba: so they can start a civil war to get them busy and take over slowly slowly
BYN: i c

BYN: how old r u now

heiba: lol i'm 20

BYN: im 20 to dammm im old

heiba: lol welll we r twins
BYN: yaaay .when is ur brithday
heiba: june 8th urs?
BYN: u better rememeber it - i want a phone call from iraq -u telling me happy birthday - and i wana hear boms in back groun

heiba: lol ok i will

heiba: ok i gtg now
or u getta go to work and punch in for jihaaaaaaad

lol no i gtg
it was osooooo fuckin amazeing talkin to u plz dont get killed and dont forget about our game plan WINK WINK
heiba: same here mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

2.12 am in Baghdad Iraq
5.30 pm NY

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