THX megla

they call him the tree man
he has some rare disease that no one can figure out
it started when he cut himself when he was 15 and these wart like things just started growing
he lost his job since he has limited use of his hands
his wife left him
and he has 2 duaghters he has to take care of

now an american doctor says he can cure him
he says that dede has an extreme case of HPV!!
nasty its all over his body haha but at least he looks like a mythical being


theorie said...

damn that's so crazy. he really does look like 1/2 man, 1/2 tree. he seems to have a positive personality though.

cashmoney said...

his wife probably left him because of his tree dick budding leaves all the time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

its a form of leprosy. But he has an immune system that is worse than someone with HIV, his white blood cell count is too low to fight it off. So the warts and growth a leper has went awry. I figure that if they gave him a form of chemo or radiation therapy and then treated it like strong case of leprosy that he would be more or less ok. but with that kind of white blood cell count he wont live too long after a serious dose of radiation.
its scary but really amazing

binomonkey said...

There was a show last night regarding warts and the focus was on Dede.
A Doctor from the US did some tests on Dede and found he had a severe case of viral warts that are growing steadily due to his weak immune system.
In Indonesia, Dede received a letter saying he would be treated at no cost and would basically be cured if he accepted the medicine perscribed. However, according to the show, Dede has yet to accept the offer of treatment.