Q & A with Gore B

byn: how are you gore b?

dealt with a calculus test at 7.40 this morning. came home at ten to find my upstairs sink hot water valve had split and pipe nipple had corroded so much it cracked. went to the museum of art and history at 4 to volunteer, got back at 7 to take the dog for the walk and have an hour free to write this... i feel better about life when i have shit to do.

byn: why did u start writing gore b?

why the name or why writing. two different stories. one long and boring one short and boring.

BYN: when did you start writing ?
sometime around the end of 1992.

BYn: how did u get into graffiti ?

im from santa cruz which has a fucking amazing graffiti scene. check out
its my flickr site with some of my old flicks of santa cruz .. also check out that dondi book by zephyr.. they went to santa cruz in 1983 to paint the university and that fucking mural is still up.. maybe the oldest fucking dondi mural in existence still outside.. motherfucking santa cruz rocks.

byn: how did u get into a2m ?

i was living in texas cuz goul moved there and he met all those cats and they were rocking out at the time.. so i just jumped on the bandwagon cuz they knew exactly what they were doing.

byn : can you tell us a crazy painting story...

every writers got there police stories and fucked up shit.. but i like telling this one cuz its a little different. so i used to paint in benson
az. little spot outside tucson just north of tombstone .. middle of the desert. one night my and my buddy were painting and he yells at me run.. now he was a little toy who i was trying to teach things too but you know.. some one tells you to run you aint going to analyze whether they are right or not so i take off after him. we get down about 3 trains and he jumps over the hump. i look back and see a huge black mass about the size of a minivan right on the other side of the car we had been painting and am like fuck. .i didnt hear that come up on us. so we book out into the desert cuz thats all there is out there. but i realize that their aint no flashlights after us so i stop and turn around. after a second that black mass passed by the trains and in the moonlight i can see its a bunch of border crossers. maybe 20 of them. we mustav scared the shit out of them.. we realized later on that they crossed every fri night about 1 or 2. so we would just jump back in the bushes and watch them go. they had a real ingenious system for crossing which i wont get into cuz this story is already too long.

byn: can you tell us anther one ...

yeah.. i got chased one time.

byn: about how many freights have you painted ....
i asked that question to g south one time and he told me '1384'. and then told me how he doesnt paint that much and that it was a low number.. i think he told me that in 2002 or something.. so dont worry about it. its a low number.

BYN: how did u get the idea of painting landscapes on freights ....

bob ross

byn: how did you develop your letter style ?

the original shit i loved was mostly bay area stuff. lord estria, crayone, tense, dream, spie, twist, reminisce, some, cancer, bukue, tdk, tws, and yeah. that was the begining.

byn: have you ever hoped freights ? if yes to where ?
yes.. it has never been a good thing... believe me. you can end up in some fucked up situations ,,, like searching the ground for those blue bottles in hopes to find a little bit of water.

BYn: can you tell us anther crazy freight story .....

yes. i got chased on time... okay. heres a real one thats short.. went painting with 8 people one time in dallas. and everyone got chiggers reallllly bad.. worm even was wearing shorts and no socks.. you dont know about that shit untill after.. the bugs in texas are no joke man.

byn: whats your favorite city have you painted so far?

palestine texas.

BYN: what brought you to new york ?

because its fucking new york.. and because i came with a girlfriend. she left i stayed.. new york rocks.

BYN: who got you in putting wood signs up ...
my old girlfriend meeka used to tell me she was the one who got my started on that idea and maybe she was right, i dont remember,, but i remember seeing elik, monster project, paul richards, and darkcloud doing it.. no one was really crushing it though. but that shit looked so good. oh yeah jj veronis too. but check this out.. people have been rocking that shit in ny forever..
also bob dombowski was doing that stuff back in the 80's

byn: why did you paint portraits .....

cuz people are so much better when they are just an idea.

byn: how many wood signs did you put up ?
i was counting for a bit.. its around 2000 but under a bit.

byn : how did u get the idea behind the wood sculptures ?
louise nevelson, revs, ... i put up a couple thousand in santa cruz before i left for new york.. they were much worse. mostly collage shit.

byn: how is duke ?

duke is a mother fucking terror. if he was human hed be samuel l jackson.

byn:how did he break his leg?

jumping out of the back of a truck while it was moving.. he saw some hot momma.

byn: how did u get the idea with inside out letter ? how did u manage that ?

i smoked a lot of pot for a long time.

byn : we noticed you use bucket paint for you fill , do u out line with spray paint or bucket paint.?
its my new shit im doing.. first dont pay for anything. so i get all my shit at the cities haz mat site. all the spray i get i used for a really thick sketch with dimensions then i use a 3" roller for the fill. you can get that edge really fucking clean that way and cut back over the edge of the sketch. then i do the same with the background but a different color. so the sketch becomes the outline and shit looks tight. i got some good ideas imma try out tomorrow with that.

byn: do u get laid from amazing work ?

i dont remember the last time i got laid from my personality alone.

byn: what kind of girls do you like ?

math dorks. science nerds, the kind with an iq over 140 and a thong on.

byn: do you like French toast ?

hell. yea.. but i like maple syrup more

byn: do you sleep nude ?
only if ive been fucking

byn: whats your number ? my girl mena is asking
1.646.463.3150..i put my number on a mural i did up at the boston school for the arts and got calls all the next week. they were really hillarious.. it was like my own personal jerky boys

byn: whats your fav spot?

taqueria los pericos..
dude.. you dont even know
(the beach is to cold right now... hey im from cali.. whachaa expect?)

byn: whats ur fav thing to paint on
something illegal.

byn: whats ur fav kind of foood ?

is burrito a kind of food?

byn : whats your fav movie?
the only one i own is hobo texino.. but thats also because one of my really kickass friends bought it for me.... its special.
byn: what do u listen to ?
dude..ive been listening to kpig lately.. no shit. its the local blue grass and weird rocking rock station here.. i feel like im gettin old

byn : whats your way of transportation?

right now its my grandpas old car.. but normally a bike.

byn: what keeps you doing what ur doing ?

fuck man.. dont make me go deep on your ass.

gore be BROKE YA NECK loves you ..
i love you to man..

BYN: any final words and shout outs ....
if you want to do graffiti learn your history and rules. pay attention to stephen powers rules at the back of the art of getting over. theyre true. respect your elders even when they suck.. and believe me most of the elders pretty much suck but dont ever tell them. if you want to do street art learn all the rules but dont pay attention to any of them.. getting good at street art is making everyone think youve done something different. if you want to be an engineer do it.. believe me there are hot girls who are into math and shit. you ll be allright



Anonymous said...

Stay tru Gore B seen dat shit all over -GOOD INTERVIEW.

-Sir Porky from the old Metro Center Downtown, ese.

mina (not mena) said...

you actually said i wanted to know lol awsome.

Kid KZA said...

lol - to the nein stoy