please watch this documentry

watch 1 - 13 clips


Anonymous said...

no reaserch involved. just a bunch of ideas of what other people had already came up with in the forms of short clips, along with montage of war and death. just a bunch of BS and propaganda. If this movie changes anyones lives or minds, I feel bad for you. If you are looking for something to think about, read the book 1984, In my opinion way more influential then this crap.

charles manson said...

-how is this bull shit !!

-1st of all, the whole documentary is full of facts and proves to every incident .

-2nd: in my opinion , i dont think its right to tell people what or how to think . don't be an ignorant fuck face.

3rd : if you have good influential opinion , then why dont you tell us about it!!!

4th: i will enjoy my life and believe in what ever i believe and think how ever the fuck i want.

5th: we only posted them so we can make kids like you speak and see what you have to say !! :)

peace on mother fucking earth


the lord loves you kid.


arlo said...

yo sorry i didn't mean to tell anyone how to think. i wrote it, therefore it was my opinion. Also although it is my opinion, I really only wrote it because I was bored and wanted to see if anyone would respond. I saw this video about a month ago and didn't care for it, thats about it. haha don't get me wrong tho i like the blog