this was written by me(brenda) for you(anyone with a brainpower to
think critically). these are some very important questions to ask
yourself this 2008.

Bhutto was to give U.S. lawmakers vote-rigging report watch video.

is this similar to our two last elections?
if she was able to speak out do you think it would have affected
america's voting in 2008?
do you know who ron paul is?
why doesn't fox news or any of our media tell you who he is?
could he really win the election?
why did fox ban him from the debate on jan 6th?
who ownes fox news?
does that person own anything else?
maybe the dow jones? myspace.com? newspapers?
isn't that a monopoly???
what does he have to loose if ron paul wins the election?

be informed. inform other's. especially inform those who only have
tv commercials, fox news, myspace and mainstream media as it's only
way to get information, it's our only hope for a future. we need to
fight together for the sakes of our children.

i'm sick of getting email junk about passing nonsense around to
20people and you will have good luck or magic will happen. this email
is your reality. pass it along to everyone in our address book to
start a revolution for the better of human kind thru education.

happy new year to everyone. let's make 2008 a good year!

the lovely brenda


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