q and a with faile

byn : how are you , whats new and what are you working on right now ...

faile : Been Great, Just getting settled in and back to work after the holidays. Right now we are working on a new body of work for a tentative show date in October of this year.

byn: we noticed lately you only have been doing shows by your own not in gallerys ... wassup with that , can you tell us more about it, is it more profitable . more comfortable , how is it like?
faile : The last show we did in NY we produced ourself. We had a group of paintings we wanted to show and it was important we had the right space to show them in rather than having to conform to a space that did not suit the work. I am not too sure I would say it's more profitable? It requires a lot more work and money from us. We had to arrange and pay for everything: renting the space, lights, insurance, security, music, cleaning crew, there is a lot of shit to take care of when you don't have the gallery looking after it. While the gallery was an option it let us be really in control of every detail. The decision to do it was always about what would be best to showcase the art the way we wanted, not to make more money.

byn : how was it like when you arrived to 11 spring street and found out dym went over the whole building , what was your reaction even though u know it was jaces fault going over taboo and host on houstin, whats your opinion on the whole thing with the war betweeen street art and graffiti...
faile :To tell you the truth I had not Idea what was behind the whole DYM thing. I did not really give a shit, everybody was going over everybody as the days went on. I was just impressed with how big it was. I guess in some ways it's like a wild fire. Shit burns and new life forms, it's all part of the process.

byn: we heard that you guyz have spacial ways in selling your pieces (art work) and pricing them , can you tell us about the whole process ?
faile: Art it is a Giffen good, something which becomes more popular the more expensive it gets. We base our prices on the Sir Robert Giffen school of economics.

byn: what you think of streets now, do u like any of the coming up artists ?
faile: I still like it, but we have slowed down a lot and focus more on painting these days. I like BORF and Blu and Sam3.

byn : whats the deal behind the design books you com up with orange , lavender , death ? any more coming up soon?
faile :We have always enjoyed doing these books because it has allowed us to work with artists we love and bring them together.
We have taken a two year break and the books but we will be coming out with a new hand built book LOVE SOUR LOVE in about two more months.

byn: can broke ya neck have section in it ?
faile : sure.

byn: whats your friendship relation history with you and bast? how did u guyz meet? do u guyz always work with each other on projects ?
faile: I have known bast about seven to eight years and admire his work greatly. We met through doing street art together and did a lot of things together in the past but not so much over the last year.

byn :quantity or quality
faile:Both but quality always comes first.

byn: would you like to tell us a secret ?
faile: I love antiques road show.

byn : predict the future ?
faile :Global warming is going to fuck shit up.



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