q and a with jah jah

byn: jah jah how are u
jah jah:chillin like a villian shoutn like bleach stayin up like toast

b.y.n: what u do
jah jah: i lurk , i piss people off i make people happy and with everyones powers combined i become a portion of this creature kalled ninjasonik

byn: whats a normal day for u?
jahjah: wake up listen to a morriesy song morrisey ,check my email write emails . if i have to go to work do that .
if not lurk around the city scope out new shit for insperation
then maybe go to pianos for the best food
then maybe drink a bit .. mett up with the team scumbbag

then lurk it out ..
he he he he he he he he

byn: wassup with ninja sonik , how and when and who started it?
jah jah: well me and dj teenwolf started ninjasonik as sort of a joke .. we were mocking the whole new style of dance music . it started exactly 1 year ago ..
we made a bunch of simpple songs with extreme lyrics . some of witch are mocking personal experience hence the tight pants song .. other to say kind of a WHAT IF someone said this in a song ya know

byn:how did u and teen wolf meet?
jahjah: back in the bronx about 6 years ago .. he was going to college up there and i was living in the same area .. my boy sterling introduced us becuze he knew that teenwolf also deejayed like me . he figured we would get along .. eventually we threw house partys for college kids in the area and jus did that all the time .
at some point teenwolf moved to bk and a year later i followed and we moved in together

byn: how did u com up with ur ideas , tight pants , internet bitch , halla for a dalla?
jahjah: well tight pants came from people mocking me and my bois in the hood over the years grownin up in the bx wearing tight jeans . it was something u never saw before and more culturally ignorant to people . so people would be like .." look at this tight pants wearing ass niggah over here " shit like that
internet bitch came from the mocking of poeple sayin they hate tv but spend all there time on the internet aswell as loggin there entire socail lives through sites like myspace facebook etc .. the way the cellphone has changed where everything is pda internet or text .. u never hear a phone on the phone anymore ya know
so its plain and simple .. everyoneis on the internet .. everyone is FUCKIN FAMOUS
hola for a doller whas a way for us to make a dirty dance track that just crosses the line of sex and whats acceptable ya know
everything is just comical and thas the way we like it ya know .

byn: so do ninja sonik get alot of hate ?
jahjah: HATE ? yeah over the internet .. im acually thinking about a song to talk about it .. i think its funny that people hate on anything . but more surprisingly to me ninjasonik gets alot of love .. its pretty rad it goes to show that music lives and breaths on its own sort of speak . the first few times we played poeple where basiclly beating me up to scream into the mic with me i liek that i like the physical aspect of the whole thing it shows emotion . the energy and thas all ninjasonik is ya know . a bunch of energy from a bunch of kids poeple animals bugs beer spraypaint wheatpaste fights hugs kisses crying and over all mayhem . its like everyone has "adhd" (hehe ) when songs come on

byn: whats ninja sonik crowd like?
jahjah: the ninjasonik crowd is something specail and something im very proud of .. . and i'll explain
a group like mines in comparison to groups like spank rock purple crush mia santo gold etc fall in the same catigory of music i would say BUT the crowed differs extremly
there crowds are more hype beats fashion fun croweds where as we get that attention press wise but our crowds are hoood kids , skin head kids , metal kids , hipsters art fags plain ol fags cuntry rockers hip hoppers everything . u name it you will see it .. as well as people moshing to every some .. it jus become 1 big mosh pitt and i love that no one is hurting eachother but no one is jus standing around everyone is having a blast . its beyound race gender and all that corny shit people dwell on

byn: so what r u into?
jahjah: lurking the street walking really far riding my bike .. writing on stuff finding stuff making zines . making stuff . fights . drinking sparks drinking in general . bombing hills in sanfran . trains mystery meanstreaks music . punk hardcore . diy shows .. seeing my friends bands play and finding new bands to suport . mark gonzalez morressy ol dirty bastard gg allen aliens . monsters zombies jahstar bobdylan s7g jump zine and johnny cash . and wearing dirty sneakers ,and skatebaording.

byn: do u get laid for what u do?
jahjah: nah thas wack . im not that kind of dude . if im gonna get ladi its gonna be becuze im jahjah .. im not th only member of ninjasonik . everyone is a member every one that goes to wha ever show or recites the lyrics are in ninjasonik

byn: what keeeps u going?
jahjah: seeing new shit on the streets everyday .. listening to a new song and wishing that i was at a show seeing it live .. seeing new graff in the city .. or seeing people gettin over ya know . wether you rack some shit get over on the authority wha ever it is .. mashing aorund on there bike or board jus being energetic . ! little kids man they get my syked when there all into something and jumpy ya know. that shits ill

byn:wasssup with you and chief mag .....
jahjah: chiefmag are homies there a dope mag cuz there about the people they interview artistthat they think are interesting .. not jus the hype ya know. there not afraid to be difrent and over all be bad ya know ..
i love those dudes .. plus when i hang out with them i always end up throwing knifes and breaking stuff

japanther is .....

death set is .....

jump zine .......
my coloring book

black label ......
my big brothers and sisters

brooklyn ........
the new town i moved to and made brand new friends

new york
will always be home
and can never truly be changed

sf ....
will always be home

i need to explore

hype kids are...
they remind me of banks .. most people end up closing there acounts but a rare few use a bank to really invest

hipsters are ...
everyone . everyone is an hipster

haters .....
if u wear baggy pants and u chill with people who only wear that your a hipster if u do wha ever u do and feel the need to talk shit about some one else your a hipster and your just defending your lil click of people u relate to .. get out the bubble get out the box
HATERS come in many shapes . but not in ninjasonik
loool this is sooo goood

byn: whats ur fav type of girls?
jahjah: honestly ignorant hood spanish girls that have long nails but they never like me .. shit may change now that the hood wears tight pants.
naw but i like all kinds of girls though most of the tme its a feature that physically atracts me with girls then i get to know them an see where there mind is

byn: whats ur favorite type of graffiti?
jahjah: frisco writers have a dope style .. ther really cartoony .
they have good hand styles ya know . there brains function a bit different
even with name selection
i like when people use more than jus a can of paint too
creative with there suplies and exucution
not just a can and fill in to a wall

byn: whats ur fav type of bike riders , black label type of dude or free style and tricks type of dudes?
jahjah: thas a hard question
i like bmx ers becuze there like n a mission to find something new ya know . and there a bit savage . black label is a family who looks out for one another and there friends so its such a different comparison . cant really compare em
there all just human

byn:any last werds .....
jahjah: 2000 hate fuck everyones life ! live for the smile of your friends . and the more hate the better the great ! new dirty for prezident



manda the destroyer! said...

yo! jah jah is dope. chilled with him at a vice shoot i was in not too long ago. we dreamed of being the king and queen of the ocean together with pet whales and massive crowns that we needed our servants to hold up for us...or something like that..... life. is. a. dream.

Anonymous said...

retard music

hare christian said...

killa bike photo mate