more camera phone pics

train collecting

illegal maxican nj league



Montclair uni. nj

boton nj

praying for alah

chillin with steve

in 1 more year the city will either look like this

or this .

shorty got smashed with 40 oz on her head , nyc

42nd st times square

chill with DR. hackesttown nj

north bergen nj


yeas they were fuckin on 1st ave and 2nd st

private broadway shows , nyc

bus seats in nj

only in queens

dopest ipod case of the year

hotel party, 1 room with 40 people

every body loves drugs

burger eyes

breaking lights


semen in transit

R.I.P (cause of death. clogged throat from dry paint)

terry in 25 more years

even mickey loves acid


hell yeas

things i c through my window

new museum


vernon nj got the illest t shirt game

only in queens ,people invent things to smoke out of

your hood is fuckin ghedol when ur neighbor learns how to self defend him self in basement at 10 pm

snowboarding event in union square !!

private red vip event

sex museum

deitch always amaze me


Anonymous said...

rad pix, broda

cadaver said...

espo is the man, sick hair do.

Jen said...

cool espo pic, he must have some fucked up hair from all the hair products he used.

ha, i went to the sex musuem too.

cashmoney said...

love and misss u brooooooooo