showpaper art.

1. Issue 1: Maya Miller (Double Leopards/Religious Knives)
2. Issue 5: Crystal Stokowski (Space 1026, Philiadelphia) (curated by Brendan Fowler)
3. Issue 11: Sumi Ink Club (Sarah Rara+Luke Fischbeck aka Lucky Dra
4. Issue 14: Ben Furgal
5. Issue 17: Allyson Mellberg
6. Issue 22: Anthony Lister
7. Issue 32: Misaki Kawai
8. Issue 33: Kevin Regan [ Curated by Desert Island ]

SHOWPAPER is a FREE bi-weekly print-only publication which aims to list and promote all ages DIY shows in the NYC and tri-state area. We try to spread the word about shows that would otherwise slip under the radar, and the all ages scene in general. Each issue also features a full color piece of art by a contemporary artist. Look for it in your local record store/gallery/café/pizza place/etc.

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