kilroy Savage

who are you ?
kilroy savage, a man about leisure.

how many zines you have done so far ?
this is last one is probably my 8th or 9th

whats ur zines usually about ?
living the rebel lifestyle, being passionate about nothing.

we think your zine shits on alot of other zines , whats your magic ?
i dont think my zines shit on anything, they just know how to hang out.

what influences your zine?
spontaneous combustion

whats your fav filthy spot mc or burger king or subway. ?
i live my life by the ways of quickchek sandwiches

whats your fav book?
from chocolate to morphine

how much art can u handle ?
it depends on whose art it is..

why once ?
because twice is too much

get em here


email getsavage1984@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

this zine looking great

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