WFMU Presents: a party for FreeMusicArchive.org

11pm Thee Oh Sees
John Dwyer’s latest project, based out of San Francisco, with a new album on the way from In The Red. The(e) Oh Sees is not to be confused with OCS (Dwyer’s backporch underwater psych-folk collabo with Patrick Mullins of Burmese). This is more akin to the Coachwhips but with more breathing room and crazy Pink-and-Brown rhythms.
listen: Thee Oh Sees “The Freak Was Clean” (mp3) from the OOP Peanut Butter Oven 12” EP (Awesome Vistas 2008)

10pm Excepter
Experimental electronic-improv 6-piece from Brooklyn, with records on 5rc, Load, Fuck It Tapes, Fusetron, Paw Tracks, and their own Excepter Records. They document their notorious live shows in a/v formats at pod-o-matic, and the latest mind-melting vid from Excepter’s 17-hour Election Day performance can be found here.
listen: Excepter “Kill People” (mp3) from Debt Dept (Paw Tracks 2008)

9pm Catatonic Youth
“Control My Gun” was my favorite song of last year. Listen to it! Catatonic Youth is a solo recording project, but 3 catatonic youths will be performing for this show, their east coast debut.
listen: Catatonic Youth “Control My Gun” (mp3) from World’s Lousy With Ideas Vol. 5 7” (Almost Ready Records) 3-way split w/ Christmas Island, Dan Melchior Und Das Menace

8pm Pink Skull
Kraut-influenced house music from Philadelphia, “for those who love drugs and disco/fans of zongamin, soccio, faust and DC recordings.” Pink Skull are awesome DJs and remix artists, and they’ll be performing with a full band for this show.
listen: Pink Skull “Unicorn Harpoon” (mp3) from Zeppelin 3 (Free News Projects 2008)

taken from www.last.fm

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