my 1st post

Major jam sess

Some rooftop party in Brooklyn with a couple of my favz + the train ride home

Beer pong beer run + TeqDeq's late-night convo with Lou
Blue Pear cuddling with hangers VS Lauren cuddling with Twerpo on RoboCop Day
Adam fell on his face after trying to do a handstand and smash two cans + Teq and some Mexican blanket floating in the street
Liberty State Park for an afternoon.
DJ Free Simon not taking requests @ Sway + Red Velvet @ Jajo Gallery in Newark
Cecelia and Patty showed up at my art show in Newark + Jovanna and I ran into Sarah Murphy
Charles Wolf meeting more fans at Cakeshop.

These are highlights from the last 3 months. Stay tuned for more adventures!


fucking tracer said...

let's go
let's go

Anonymous said...

let's go mets

sʎɐʍlɐ pıʞ said...

welcome home. we've been waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

omg you know simon, your soo coooool...oh wait you arent..and your pictures suck.
good job thinking youre a photographer just cause you have a camera. no one knows who any of those people are..and no one wants to see photos of them..please stick to the terrible stick figures. they were better than this.

rosie said...

awww my feewings awe huwt =(
whats the matter? you scared to post your name?

Keep sippin' your Hateraaade!!!

sʎɐʍlɐ pıʞ said...
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sʎɐʍlɐ pıʞ said...

that kid loves our blog.

pemsky said...

glad to see a rosie post up here! i enjoy your adventures.