now now

i went up thinking just i am just goin chill with dr at a art show, where we are going to spray paint stuff on wall. then i found out it was real art show,so we busted some shit out till 4 am then went farming next morning then went to DR coming up tatoo shop (loyalty ink) , chilled with his boss (i should of got some pics while i was there) . then headed to gallery drank jungle juice and beer , bumped into old friend ,then the fire alarm went on. so every body jeted. we tried to go to SILVER LAKE but we didnt make it due the weather so we went back to DRs place. watched 80s porn then headed back home next morning . i enjoy getting away from the city madness on the weekend and running to DR. and his people.

good people , cant wait to go back up there . for the big meeting

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Anonymous said...

jason you get a round , i wana drive you around more often . holler at me boooooooooooooooy