Q & A with LOSER :AIDS ...

BYN: why do you paint?
i guess its in my blood, my mother, grandfather, and grandmother were artists. plus i love to paint(anything)
BYN: what’s your favorite color?
BYN: what inspires you?
everything i hate and love
BYN: what makes you satisfied?
i dont know if im satisfied, but i like music, drugs, art, graff, and a certain little lady.
BYN: do you have other interests other than graffiti?
many, music is probably where my mind is(when im not painting)
BYN: what’s your favorite tool?
BYN: whats the most exciting spot you ever did?
when i think of "exciting" i think of smiling and shit like that, i dont think i ever smiled or was excited at a spot. I try to be smart and be alert at all times. there has been lots of crazy nights, i'll leave it at that
BYN: etching or roller
BYN: any crazy stories ?
lots of crazy stories, i'll be here all day talking shit...shots fired in philly, bloods and crips in newark, police asking about me about me in jc...crazy shit(to me at least)
BYN: what’s a normal day for you?
work, weed, write, food, woman, and of course "doing it big"
BYN: what’s your favorite thing to eat?
BYN: what’s you favorite graffiti type of shit?
???i dont know what this means
BYN: tell something about your character?
im a loser
BYN: what you think of street art?
uhhh, if you write, its cool, if you dont ...whatever
i dont give a fuck...do you everybody
BYN: when did you meet werds?
a couple years ago
BYN: who’s your favorite person to go out with?
BYN: what’s your favorite beer?
BYN: what’s you think of graffiti now?
its graffiti in 2007, it is what it is
BYN: what you think of the west coast graffiti?
i love it, ive been blessed to meet alot of good writers from out there(thanks ceaze)
BYN: what you think of law and graffiti?
fuck the law flat out
BYN: what’s your favorite font?
uhhh...is that a drug
BYN: What’s your favorite movie?
the cubes
BYN: what’s your favorite book?
BYN: who’s your favorite artist?
toomany to count
BYN: what kind of sneakers are you wearing now? Do you think they make you run fast?
dunks...yes sir...high top carl lewis type shit(but i smoke alot and dont like to run)
BYN: what are you listening to right now?
the air conditioner
BYN: if you have to change your name what it would be?
mr. alchemino gonzo alotsmor
BYN: what’s your fav place to be in the world?
i dont know..wierd question
BYN: What did you want to be when you grew up?
not a scumbag
BYN: who is your hero?
BYN: What do you think of hipsters?
BYN: when was your first kiss?
BYN: where do you see your self in 5 years?
BYN: what’s next for LOSER?
BYN: what you think of fat bitches?
they like skinny dudes
BYN: any last words ?
free werds


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that dude is really up

dual said...

nice flicks :)

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shitss tough im kinda late wit it but its whatever...stay upp mad propss to u and ur boyss for doin it big...ohh and stay high lol

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