Q & A with Very Young Millionaire

who are you ?

Bradley Scott Troemel

why are you doing this ?
To make people laugh and subject them to my endlessly opinionated ideas.

where do you live ?

Chicago, IL

how old are you ?


what cities and status and towns have you been to?

The midwest, the south, the dirty south, new england.

city or country or suburbs ?


why disposal camera?

The slower the reaction time of your shutter/instinct, the longer it takes to set a shot up, the more manipulation you do to the scene the closer you go from being a photographer to a painter.

you think white American country girls are hot ?

Let's break this one down in two. First off, there is a difference between southern belles and country girls. A country girl can also be southern but a belle can never be country. Being a southern belle is hot because they have poise and wear sexy but not slutty dresses and just look clean in general. They only exist in the south and tend to have rich fathers with great facial hair and cool hats. Being "country" is economic and cultural, not geographic like belles are. Country girls are every where and when they are attractive it's because they are down to earth and can drink as much beer as you.

country girl or zero gravity girl , who would you prefer in your bathroom to fuck ?

A country girl. Sex should be rough, sweaty, smelly and dirty- not prissy, spray tanned, shaved and smell like Giorgio Armani's asshole perfume.

hipster vs zero gravity kids who would win a fight ?

I look at Last Night's Party, Cobrasnake, and all the rest of those type of photographers/sites much like I look at Zero Gravity pictures. I'll list some traits and try to tell the MisShapes or Zero kids apart:

-A vein amount of time spent on preparing appearance
-Desparately seeking attention
-Confident they are listening to the "coolest music right now"
-People who drove or moved from the suburbs
-Club regulars who gain fame for doing absolutely nothing but mugging for the camera the most and being recognized on popular internet websites after the party is already over. Based on internet page views of this person there grows an assumption of popularity. This assumption then synthesizes itself into a reality when the person sadly does gain popularity in the club when people recognize them based on the website.

[BTW This whole process is interesting because it's like a snake living off eating its own tail. In order for this system of popularity to work it's entirely dependent on the photographers choice as to who to take pictures of- explaining people like Merlon Bronques and Mark Hunter's rise to fame. People need their the approval of the photographer and the photographer needs the attractive young blood's identities. The snake just keeps chewing on its own tail]

There was an awesome quote in K48 magazine by a man in prison talking about jail life that sums up how i feel about these clubs; "its just another night in this real secluded place surrounded by wasted potential and embarassingly proud egos"

hipster girl vs country owns a shot gun who would you ask out ?

I'll be ready for marriage when I meet a woman in heels who listens to punk rock and James Brown and knows how to use a gun

how many pictures you think you have any by now ?>

3000 this summer

what happen to that girl at the nude joint ? the hot one that turned around and told you your hot .

She went to stripper heaven in the trailor and I never saw her again.

did you guyz do it that day ? if not ? why didnt you , what are you a faget ?

I ended up fucking the guy with butterflies coming out of his ass

whats your fav sex position ?

whose your fav photographer ?

I think this guy is a fucking genious

when was your first kiss ?
I made out with a girl on a log in the middle of the woods when I was in 6th grade. We had no idea what we were doing and nearly serpent-tongued each other to death.

any crazy stories ?
The first time I tried to go to New York from Boston they over booked the bus so Danielle and I had to wait 2 more hours and board at 2:30 am. Then our bus broke down in Providence and we waited another hour. It was the late night casino route and an old black woman wanted to get off the bus and check out one of the casinos to see if she'd like it. The driver said no and they got into a fight. The reservation police came and carried this 70 year old something woman off the bus after she told them she'd never leave it. They took her outside and the bus driver left her there. I think she's in Guantanamo now.

how much do you hate digital cameras ?

I don't. I love them and am going to get one very soon.

what’s a normal day for you?
Internet then shooting.

what’s your favorite thing to eat?

what’s your favorite beer?
All beer tastes the same and if you think differently you aren't drinking for the right reasons

What’s your favorite movie?
The Celebration

what kind of sneakers are you wearing now? Do you think they make you run fast?
I wear the same Asics wrestling shoes I wore my junior and senior years of high school on the mat to college art school parties.

what are you listening to right now?
sugar ray

if you have to change your name what it would be?
Latrelle Troemel

what’s your fav place to be in the world?
Deep Wisconsin woods or swerving my bike through traffic on Michigan Avenue.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A skateboarder like everyone

who is your hero?
my mom for being great at her job, going back to college in her 30's, escaping my dad, raising me, and being the most consistently happy person ive met. shes a lovely bad ass

what you think of fat bitches?
As killa Cam would say "I need the other gender thick". I have nothing but love for woman with curves

any last words ?
contradiction is more interesting




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