Q & A with japanther

BYN : whats japanther?

A small group or gang of young hustlers/bangers.

BYN: how come japanther is sooo fucking good?

We are dumb animals.

BYN: who came up with the idea of singing in a phone?

Someone else.

BYN: who came up with the tape idea?

Tapes are tight, everybody knows that.

BYN: why only 2 people?

We don't always play with two but we are the core of the gang. Dawn Riddle and Jill Scanlen have worked closely with us in the past.

BYN: how and when did japanther started?

In 2001 two friends started crackin whips in a computer lab. Funny how things unwind.

BYN: what inspires you?

Cartoons, our environment. touring, our transportation, our friends, day jobs, food, ETC...

BYN: tell us crazy japanther story?

One time Matt and I were looking for a place to camp in Indiana and walked accross a huge rain tressel in the dark with sleeping bags. It didn't work out so we drove into Chicago and slept in a construction site. Another time Matt left me at a gas station for 8 or more hours (he though I was sleeping in the back.)

BYN: what’s a normal day for japanther ?

"Wake up and work and get fucked up and sleep" Off With Their Heads

BYN: what sort of venues are the best?

All bands like different things. We happen to thrive on variety. Outdoors with lots and lots of people seems to work for us.

BYN: how would you describe your fans?
any changes in fans? any 60 year olds?

We have fans who are 3 years old and fans that are 60 plus. All types of folk are into the wierd shit we've done. Like the Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty piece had really old people in wheel chairs complimenting us.

BYN: any new collaborations in the works?

Yeah (3D) at PS122 this Nov 14th-19th in NYC. Wild ass puppet punk theater piece with dancing and video

BYN: what do you want people take away from your music?

Take away a sense of what the lyrics feels like. What the beat moves like and how you react to those elements.

BYN: what’s the music writing process like?

A lot of bedroom time and some in studios. You know, four tracking steez mainly.

BYN: will you trust yourself when you turn 30 or will you immediately become part of the establishment?

Nah B, We'll be chillin, that was just some hippie trip and hippies we are not.

BYN: what you think of bands now days?

I love a great deal of modern music.

BYN: whats the story behind Japanther Laugh Dance in Marfa , TX?

We were commisoned by Dan Graham to be a part of Deep Comedy with a bunch of artistic heros so we came up with "Laugh Dance."

BYN: who is behind 99 mm?

Some mystery dude

BYN: what’s your favorite color?


BYN: what’s your favorite tool?


BYN: What’s your favorite movie?

One Crazy Summer

BYN: whats your favorite book?


BYN: who’s your favorite artist?

Cy Twombly

BYN: whats your fav place to be in the world?

Melbourne, Australia

BYN: what are you listening to right now?

Off With Their Heads

BYN: where do you see your self in 5 years?

San Pedro, California

BYN: whats your favorite font?

Cooper Black Italic

BYN: what’s next for japanther?

the (3D) joint at PS122

BYN: any final words ?

Keep it grimey, keep it local.


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