q & a with SCIEN ROCK -123 KLAN

BYN: why do you paint?
because i like it, but also for money.

BYN: what’s your favorite color?
gold or maybe green

BYN: what’s your favorite spray paint brand?
molotow belton, mtn alien and gold
strictly europeean paint please

BYN: what’s a normal day for 123 klan?
wake up the kids,
get an insane breakfast,
go to the gym or for a joggining.
Go to the office,
meeting with the sales managers,
lunch break with Michael Jackson,
Bubbles (his chimp)
our lawyers,
bodyguards and my wife Klor of course. Go back to the office, adding 4 to 5 millions of myspace friends requests.
Give a call to Puffy and see what's poppin for the evening.
Having dinner with the kids and the homies,
signing autographs on the red carpet outside of the restaurant for hysterical fans, throwing them a big stash of dollars,
sending them my love,
tellin' them that war is stupid,
while fireworks are exploding in the sky in the same time,
girls are crying because they all want to replaced Klor,etc...
well, this is how a normal day is looking like for us, pretty much average...

BYN: what’s your favorite thing to eat?
A breakfast #2 at Lafayette on ste catherine and cartier, our new HQ in Montreal. Bubbles likes to eat bacon and peanut butter, a special meal
created for him

BYN: what are you favorite type of graffiti (boming, tagging , paintings trains or piecing or roller )
Everything well done is beautiful, so i have no favourite in graff.

BYN: what you think of street art?
same thing :)

BYN: when did you meet klor?
a long time ago in a weird and little strange country called "France" during the "festival de cannes"

BYN: are you self tought or you went to school?

both of them,
but i have to admit that graffiti learn me a lot about gettin up, repsect and business.
School was not bad and interesting, but i was kind of a talented pain in a ass for the teachers.

BYN: whats cities did you paint so far ?

too many, many many many. just to name a few: Dunkerque, Lille, Paris, Toulouse, Montpellier, Hamburg, Munich, Munster, Saarebrucken, Brussels, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rome, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Singapore, Kuala Lampur, Jakarta, Sydney, Newyork and Montreal. i Didn't mentionned all the villages that we have slayered...

BYN: tell us a secret. …. ….
we have no talent and we make everything done by chinese like most of internationnal world wide companies. I like to ride Poney but only sunday btwn 10 to 11 am, and i love dolphins.

BYN: whats you think of graffiti now?

Getting better and bigger, but today graff is like skateboarding, loads of players
not enough rockers...

BYN: what you think of the west coast graffiti?
Me like it, big up to RIME, PERSUE, REVOK AND SEVER! keep on rockin fellaz!

BYN: what you think of law and graffiti?
laws are good and some full of shit, like graffiti...

BYN: whos your favorite person to paint with?
My wife Mrs Klor of course, and my homies, famous or not

BYN: a lot of money or a lot of paint ….

a lot of money of course, then you can get all the paint you need,
only stupid will answer lot of paint, except if stupid is already rich

BYN: klor is ….. My love, my everything

BYN: cope 2 is ……My brother

BYN: MSK is …… 3 letters in alphabetic disorder, but also a talented west coast crew

BYN: DAIM is ….. perfectionnist and quiet

BYN: os gemeos are ….. twins from Brazil

BYN: whats your favorite beer?
Root Beer

BYN: whats your favorite drug?
Crack, of course

BYN: What’s your favorite movie?

Blades of glory

BYN: whats your favorite book?
I can't read, i like DONDI WHITE's book, because it's full of pictures

BYN: who’s your favorite artist?

Scien, this guy is a bit arrogant and get a huge ego but i just love all what he does, maybe "genius" will define him the best.

BYN: whats your favorite font?
Comic sans

BYN: what are you listening to right now?
Anthrax, "i'm the man"

BYN: if you have to change your name what it would be?
PULKY, because it sounds weird and
totally the opposite of beeing hardcore. Plus the letters are good to paint with. Or "RISE" because it sounds like an ALL CITY KING name.

BYN: whats your fav place to be in the world?

Darfour, or maybe baghdad... i don't know... Montreal is not bad as well...

BYN: What did you want to be when you grew up?

A thief (for real) my parents were shocked
and when they asked me why, i told them that thieves never get caught, they get lot of money, respect and get beautiful chicks. I think i made my parents laugh, but they were also worried about my future as well... Finally i've make it happened, i do graffiti, but i just need a bit more money...

BYN: who is your hero?
Ian McKay (minor threat & fugazi)

BYN: What do you think of hipsters?
Hipsters are our fans, so we love them and protect them
and sometimes we feed some of them as well, but only the weakiest ones.

BYN: when was your first kiss?
i don't know, pre-school maybe

BYN: where do you see your self in 5 years?
Maybe on Fortune's magazine front cover or
selling crack to Bums in the streets of Montreal...

BYN: what inspires you?
Everything related to fonts, street, american food, jokes, jerks,
tv, politics, talented people, Friends, bubbles the chimp, beers, sex, many things in fact...

BYN: what’s next for 123 klan?
Maybe a teeshirt brand, but only because we want to do like everybody else, and to make sure to stay hype and grab some money by the way.

BYN: what you think of fat bitches?

Well, it's not funny to be fat, even if you're a bitch.
God bless them all!

BYN: any final words ?




Anonymous said...

sooo dooope

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scien's hero is ian mckay! whoa. :O

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ypf i meo j, porn. jjq g, xdv pqchon! tlkm o osm en.